Just got the call to do a night shift....

What's the best way to stay awake?

Working at a hospital to nurse the boilers through the night as if they go down the hospital goes down. Gotta do 4pm to 7am, so it's a good job I was playing Fifa10 til 4am last night as I have only just woke up.

It's gonna be alot of film watching tonight me thinks.


take pro plus and energy drinks with you but only take them worse case scenario as they can have a downing effect and laxative also!!

Make sure the films arent going to send you to sleep! pick wisely!

Plenty of access to cool air to wake you up if necessary.

Good luck,I didn't think legally employers could ask you to work 15hour shifts tbh so u need all the help you can get lol.

Just go to sleep until you are wakened by the noise that indicates the boiler is about to break down. Get up, tend to the boilder and then go back to sleep. Jobs a good'un

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I think technically they can't but 15 hours double time is nothing to be sniffed at this time of year.

I am immune to pro plus unfortunately been there don that, no effect, I don't know why as I don't drink coffee so no idea why caffeine has no impact on me.

Anyone that has been in a hospital knows cool air dont exist there.

The trouble with steven's idea is I wouldn't know until the place got cold, then it's poopoo and fan time

Every now and then get up and stretch your legs a bit.

Boredom is usually the killer.

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If only I could have xbox live I would power through the night


borrow a ds or something lol. how bigs the room we're on about? try acrobatics or gymnastics, maybe if theres a nurse on the late shift or something lol

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I have the entire basement of a hospital to myself, so pretty big

I have a night shift tonight too. To stay awake I'll be drinking regular cups of tea, eating lots of food and dancing to N Dubz.

set ur alarm every half hr or so so if u do nod off u wake up and go for a wander to like the vending machine for a choccie bar....om nom nom!

Could you not take Fifa10 in with you? if thats what help keeps you awake take it with a few other games

Is anyone gonna check if you fell asleep or not? lol

Are you a pipefitter by any chance on boiler watch? I've done the same, double-time, enjoyed it muchly

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You could get away with a lappy if someone comes down to see you, a 360 on the otherhand would be taking the pee slightly when they paying you £400 to be there for the night.
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