Just got this strange email,anyone else get it?

    Just got this scamming looking email sent to me,what do u guys think lol=


    I am drenched with tear while writing this short message to you. It was heartbreaking news to me few previous days when my doctor notified me on complications on my heath condition which he officially made known to me.

    He further stressed that the complication I had in my human mechanism as a result of a secondary liver cancer which have destroyed all the organs in my body system.

    According to him, his said that this complication will lead to my imminent death since no medication can alleviate the high system of deformation I am encountering at this point of time in my system.

    In the view of the above, I am quest to find a trustworthy and upright individual whom I will entrust the some of $3.5 million USD has lead me to you. The said fund was acquired by me as inheritance from my adopted father who dies as a result of political crisis which erupted among his most political associate and business clique.

    I will make available to you all information and officially authorized document which will endorse your claim as the beneficiary to the fund in question in the finance house where the fund was lodged by my adopted father.

    I have map out the modality on how the fund will be apportion. 35% of the principal amount of the money will be dish out to you while 65% will be allot to any charitable or orphanage home of your preference.

    My motive to dispense the funds to a charity and orphanage home was that I grew up as an orphan and do not have any heirs hitherto.

    Upon your acceptance to this proposal kindly get back to me on my personal email:
    ([email protected])


    Isabelle Declan


    i riun an orphan home

    yes, SPAM, Usually Nigerian son of a .... king/queen/embassador.....

    Dont reply or you ll get more, dont even open them, just delete them

    Its rubbish, scam cack email. What do you think we will think? Are you considering it or something? Go ahead, reply to it, i dare ya lol


    i don't get it!
    anyone else get it?

    Some people see it as a worthwhile play their game...but then to play your own and make them jump through hoops...get them to do silly pics etc....get up flacid willie...Ivannastiff Kockupmianus..etc etc



    Seems genuine

    yah i had the same similar email....i DID reply......gave them the link to

    why would someone dying of liver cancer have time to email a stranger for money ???
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