Just got this text. This is rude isnt it!????

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Found 21st Dec 2010
the text says....


im sending off last minute xmas cards. can you give me your address? Mine is ***. If you cant make my bday be sure to at least send a b day card.


Is it me or is that effing rude. I wouldnt dream of brow beating someone of sending me a xmas card or even a bday card. I certainly dont demand cards from anyone when its mine.

What u think??



just reply telling them to **** off and blame it on predictive text

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? whats that mean

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so u think thats rude or what!!??

Yeah its pretty rude, just send one back saying "I didnt send you a card because I don't like you, take the hint"


Yes its rude, and they wouldn't be getting a card from me.

Though it would be odd, because I don't know them anyway, so prob for the best.

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well he can kiss my arris!

very rude, the last day for posting has gone anyway.

send them a text back... but as if you meant to send it to someone else saying

"hello Dave... how about (insert demanding card guys name), isnt he a ****... always wants cards and that... dont even like the guy, he smells out of date"

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I think its rude.....that OP hasn't sent me a xmas card. Good job we don't know each other, otherwise i'd be even more annoyed.

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seeing as u asked nicely!!!!!!


seeing as u asked nicely!!!!!!

it's not from your mum is it? that would change everything....

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lol why would it be from my mum

Just lookup the address of your local recycling centre and txt that back.

...waits for thread on how to reply to a text.

just reply

Times are rough,
Time are hard,
so please accept this text
as your birthday card.

Many happy returns.


lol dmerc, I always do that ;D. God it's fun.

that is ruuuuuuude sounds like they're one tight @ss

send them a Oxfam unwrapped card

Who was the text from? Family member? Friend? or Someone you know but not close with?

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friend (but one i find rather annoying!)

just text them your add , and get another xmas card on the mantle. yours obviously got lost in the post
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