just got xbox live

    iv got lost plantet, and i wanted to play it on xboxx live,any of use wantto have a battle or team battle.come on be a laugh.

    how do you set it up :w00t:


    What's it like? I'm tempted to buy it. What do u think of it?


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    i was on all last night,its amazing.when your playing a team elimination on lost planet,you can hear people in the background talking over the headsets,on two of the games i got ranked 1st, and when the next game started the americans were talking about me in the background,saying that "jim sherlock in the VC again" deffo getting a wireless headset.

    personally you should defo get it,its brilliant,and when i say i mean and my m8 are going to play GOW tonight against some americans,cant wait.when i signed up,you get 1 month free goold account trial.first you got to make a silver acount,im sure someone can help you on that.go for iand688 youve got nothing to loose.
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