Just had a good EBay experience

My password had become known to a 3rd party and EBay were onto it pretty fast, they put a hold on the account before anything could be done and emailed me straight away then when I contacted them for help getting back into my account the chap on the live talk was very helpful and all was sorted out in under 10 Min's (did take some time to locate live help).


nice one

Makes a change!!

I'm raging right now, I sold a wireless guitar a few months ago and the guy said it never worked so me being the good seller offered him a refund or I'll arrange a replacement to be sent out. excellent he opted for the replacement which was duly arranged. A few weeks later yep the paypal dispute is opened stating the guitar doesn't work. eventually paypal find in his favour. He then hands over a fake tracking number and yesterday paypal noted this found in my favour and closed the case.

Surprise surprise today one fully working guitar turns up at my house( no sign of replacement he got either) sent 1st class recorded with the paypal dispute now being appealed.

I know 99% of ebay stuff goes without a hitch but honestly when it does go belly up it'd test the patience of a saint.
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