just heard my friend has died :( !

    this afternoon i had the most awful news that a good mate of mine died of a supposed epileptic seizure over the weekend and died alone, his flat mate only found him yesterday! the haunting thing is I have just came back from holiday for 2 weeks with him last thursday and he was totally fine so i was the last person out of his friends and family to see him alive, he was supposed to meet up with his other friends saturday nigh but never showed...i am in just complete shock...i had no idea epilepsy was so serious, out of the 4 years id known him id never seen him have a fit, except one small time when he was experiencing visions which lasted about 2 mins!! i feel so sad he was such a great guy. at 28 its just not fair!



    Sorry to hear that. Epilepsy is misunderstood by many.

    So sorry for the loss of your friend.

    Sorry bout your mate op
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    That's so sad. My thought go out to you and his family.

    condolences, I lost a friend recently too, similar circumstances, his ma had babysat his son and when he didnt turn up the next day (mothers day!) went round and well.. I had seen him out the night before too, so young.


    Ah so so sorry to hear about your mate, same thing happened to a very good friend of mine a few weeks ago, just died in their sleep alone so I can understand how you must be feeling

    Best wishes to all. I played football at college with a lad and also sunday league as youngsters with him. I finished playing for this team and the next season he died of a heart attack in the changing rooms before a game.

    He was only 17/18.

    Best wishes go out to all who knew him.


    So sorry peterjmay. Thoughts are with you and his family.

    i know exactly how your feeling lost my best mate last year,he had a epileptic seizure during his sleep (SUDEP) he was 28 aswell
    He had bad fits during school but it was under control for some years - I spoke to him on a sat night (his bday) and he said he wasnt feeling too clever and the monday morning his sister found him in a bad way in bed,sadly he never woke up
    So sad

    sending my condolences x

    ive had many a scare with my OH over the years, luckily everything has been ok, unfortunately people dont realise how serious the condition can be

    Sorry for your loss OP x

    So sorry for the loss of your friend :'(

    My bro has epilepsy, he takes medication but still has 3/4 seizures a day.

    May your friend R.I.P.

    so sorry for your loss, just shows how short life is, my work mate died 2 weeks ago was fine on the thursday and suddenly died of a heart attack on the friday.


    I suffer with epilepsy and take meds. As magicjay stated it is misunderstood by so many people.

    May your friend RIP

    Sorry for your loss, like many I didnt understand so of the complications and the condition. Will be reading up to educate myself now.

    Sorry for your loss, 28's so young. R.I.P.
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