***** ***** Just heard this...2 congrats to all in JHT... on 560k ***** *****

Posted 26th Apr 2016
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Well done Hotmilks on your Flamedeer BUNDLE win from Jht.... ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

One of my all time favourite records...


Just had to share for old times sake.

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Our new VIP this week Hotmilks ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ First 1k POST, 5k, 13k, 15k, 20k, 22k, 35k, 36k, 37k, 38k, 39,015, 40k, 43k, 47k, 50k, 51k, 53k, 55k, 59k nearly 61k, 74k, 75k, 76k, 78k, 84,999, 86k, 87k, 94,023, 96,666, 100k, 101k, 103k , 112k, 145k, 145678k, 148k, 150k, 155555k, 169k, 173k, 174500, 176k, 194194, 196k, 200,500, 209k, 224,500, 228888, 255555, 303030, 308007, 366k, 384k (it really has been a while X) ) xxx xxxx x thanks - because he likes a lot of stars ★★★★★

Andy@xcite (quite a lot and all future ones to be added ) ★★★★★
Fluffs 16k, 25k ★★★★★
Kaks 42k, 45k, 49k, image 57k, 75k, 87k image, 156k thanks xxxxx - ★★★★★
UTS - thanks for the 6k, 7k, 8k, 9k, 10k, 12k 14k, 20k, 23k, 24k, 27k, 28k, 29k, 30k POST 31k, 32k, 33k, 35k, 36k, 38k, 39k image thanks xxxxx 40k, 43k POST. 46k, 48k xx 49k, 50k, 54k, 57k ★★★★★
vics219 - 51k, 56k, 58k, 59k, 66k 73k, 81k, 94k, 95k, 102k, 105k, 107k, 117k, 125k, 128k, 129k, 133k, 142k, 144k, 155k, 158k, 174k, 188k, 199k, 203k, 210k, 217k, 230k, 246k, 254k, 278k, 279k thanks. xx ★★★★★
Bluedusk18k, 21k, 22k, 27k, 41k, 52k, 71k, 73k, 74k, 77k, 80k, 82k, 84k, 87k, 89k, 111k ★★★★★
CRACKER33 - 18k, 21k, 22k, 24k, 25k, 27k, 30k, 32k, 37k, 50k, (110 image) - thanks ★★★★★
Sickly Sweet 8k, 24k, 52k, 55k, 70k, 124k, 332k, 340k, 347k, 359k, 360k 378k xx ★★★★★
Simplex 8k as well - 19K, 38k, 39k, 72k, 113k post - thank you ★★★★★
Auntie Jane ★★★★★
Predict 400k 23 July 2017 as per FD 21/10/16
Rupz - 11k, 30k, 40k, 42k, 44k, image 45k near enough, 57k, 84k, 85k, 106k, 131k, 191k, 219k, 238k, 306k ★★★★★
DestinyCalls27813 Melanie - 58k, 63k, 68k, 77,777k, 88k, 96k, 110k, 115k, 116k, 121k, 123456k, 135k, 137k, 154k, 162k, 171k, 177k, 192k, 195k, 200,001 thanks ★★★★★
ArcAngel - 21k thanks & 3k image 38k, 42k, 67k, 99k, 119k, 139k, 160k, 222222k, 236k, 335k thanks ★★★★★
Monkeybumcheeks ★★★★★
computsoft - 45k, 46k 49k, 57k, (image) 62k, 69k, 91k ★★★★★
Deeky 44k, 235k (about time) 277k thanks, 310k, 356k, 364k thanks ★★★★★
collectorcol - 31k, 45k, 120kcrowman - 132k, 166k ★★★★★
Daffers 109k, 143k, 152k, 168k, 198k, 218k, 244k, 253k, 261k, 266k, 272k, 273k, 288k,290k, 293k 294k, 303k, 305k, 307k, 317k, 320k, 326k, 327k, 329k, 337k, 338k, 339k, 341k, 20k & 352k, 355k, 374k, 375k, 385k thanks x ★★★★★
Shanz 108k, 114k, 117k, 118k, 127k, 149k, 157k, 164k, 176k, 181k, 183k, 187k, 202k, 205k, 207k, 216k, 223k, 224k, 226k, 239k, 243k, 251k, 263k, 287k, 293k, 298k, 312k, 314k, 316k, 351k, 386k thanks x ★★★★★
Chichi (aka Chanchi32) 212k, 215k, 221k, 223k, 227k, 232k, 240k, 249k, 255k, 256k, 257k, 258k, 260k, 264k, 265k, 286k, 289k, 296k, 298k 300k, 302k, 322k, 330k, 345k, 20k & 352k, 373k 382k thanks ★★★★★
FantasyDeals 259k, 262k, 267k, 268k, 270k, 276k, 284k, 291k, 297k,309k, 331k, 333,333, 334k 344k, 353k, 354k, 358k, 362k, 363k, 367k, 379k thanks ★★★★★
Biddilybah 208k, 213k, 220k, 222k, 225k, 231k, 242k, 332k, 334k, 342k & 10k, 348k 349k, 372k, 373k, 387k thanks ★★★★★
Crown - 136k, 175k thanks
Joey Bloggsy
godfather999 - 60k. 64k
Bossyboots 25k
tryn2help 245k thanks ★★★★★
justy 271k thanks xx
Tawny 301k thanks xx ★★★★★
Summer 275k, 299k, 311k, 323k, 343k, 346k, 350k, 22222k, 356k, 357k, 368k, 369k, 376k, 381k, 390k thanks xx ★★★★★
Elvis 274k, 280k, 281 k, 282k, 292k, 300k,318k
Buzzzzzzzzz aka BuzzDuraband
Frank 295k thanks ★★★★★
vikings85 165k, 167k, 185k, 189k, 190k, 197k, 304k, 328k thanks ★★★★★
dmcmsn - 317k thanks
nandito 308k thanks xx ★★★★★
Reindeer 333k thanks ★★★★★
Ninbox 356k thanks ★★★★★
Shabbird - 365k, 370k, 371k, 50k JHT2...& 380k thanks ★★★★★
Baz -
vassy1 - 383k 389k, 391k, 392k thanks ★★★★★
oUkTuRkEyIII -

★★★★★ Congrats all on 361k ★★★★★
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Community Updates
Over to you Biddy...
Biddy earned all milestones from this point. Ta. ★★★★★

P.S. Chanchi is trying to kill me. Send help.

P.P.S. Continuing the thanks on behalf of our Patron, as and when requested!

P.P.P.S and from Mr Wilson.

Daffers (JHT’s Batlady. Fights crime. Needs no Robin) 425k. 435k 447k 495k 506k 507k 521k 527k Ta. ★★★★★

Nandito (Poundland brawler) 410k, 414k, 419k, 422k 432k 469k 471k 483k 486k 524k 535k thanks ★★★★★

Andy@XCite (Makes Bloodborne look like WiiPlay) 411k, 415k 441k 448k 464k 482k 487k 510k 514k thanks ★★★★★

Maccy (The Wonga of JHT... without the financial collapse) 412k, 413k, 418k, 421k, 453k 457k 465k 467k 474k 481k 497k 516k 519k 520k 528k 533k 536k 537k thanks ★★★★★

Hotmik (King of Kettering) 517k ta ★★★★★

Joey Bloggsy (Photoshop extraordinaire) 416k, 456k 458k 463k 518k 522k well done ★★★★★

Deeky (Not old. Just well experienced in historical events) 417k, 452k nice one ★★★★★

Biddy2 (Village Idiot) 88888k 428k 430k 433k 436k 439k 470k 475k 478k 479k 485k 496k 530k 211211k 542k ta ★★★★★

Summerof76 (B&Q’s Number 1 customer) 420k 426k 429k 431k 434k (and 435k ish) 438k 445k 459k 461k 484k 488k 490k 491k 503k 513k ta ★★★★★

LeahsMintytoutou (Not a dancing Polo lover called Leah) 423k 424k 427k thanks ★★★★★

Sweets (Master-baker) 99999, 446k 455k 489k 494k 511k 515k Ta. ★★★★★

Shabbird (Gym nut) 437k 443k 444k 450k 451k 460k 492k Ta. ★★★★★

Chanchi32 (B******) 440k 512k 529k 532k Ta ★★★★★

Justy (Sweet... but a milestone thief) 111111k 466k Ta. ★★★★★

Rap451 (Prefers Ivor to Thomas...insane) 442k ta ★★★★★

ZanyAngel (Not an Angel. One of Chanchi's minions in disguise) 449k 454k ta ★★★★★

Jamie015 (Not the messiah. Just a very naughty boy) 462k 468k 477k ta ★★★★★

Meh 472k ta. ★★★★★

Psychobitchfromhell (Waterboarding is too tame for this lass) 473k 493k 498k 499k 508k 525k ta ★★★★★

Mar01 (Fugitive of the Ark) 480k 502k 504k ta. ★★★★★ 🦋

Arcangel111 (Soon to be the greatest V.I.P. In HUKD’s history) 500k 501k ta ★★★★★

Jayhutton10 (Board game extraordinaire) 505k 509k ta ★★★★★

Topaz (Gary’s pet) 523k 526k 531k 534k 538k 539k 541k 544k ta ★★★★★

Cicobuff (Gets wood during lockdown) 540k ta ★★★★★

Bobsmith 543k ta ★★★★★

Everyone (Because I can’t be arsed to look back. ) 476k ta ★★★★★

★★★★★ Congrats to all on 544k ★★★★★


P.S. Be good or you off the Ark.
P.P.S. Anyone who touches the 500k will suffer the consequences.
P.P.P.S. Anyone touches the 501k will suffer the consequences.

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