Just how bored to you have to be to... a pylon spotter?

    They have just been on the ONE show...

    There are about 50 in the group...


    lol, they are all really excited about it as bored do we have to be to watch it??!

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    They have a website which has just crashed because of the interest generated by BBC1 viewers...


    I'm sure there must be worse things to spot! ;-)

    mmm look at this beauty


    mmm look at this beauty

    first of all....FAIL

    if they like to do this then fine, whatever floats your boat.

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    Oh my god...

    You can order prints of pylons...


    Oh my god...You can order prints of pylons...

    Now that is funny! :w00t:

    im a pylon spotter!

    Ace Hayward;2188274

    im a pylon spotter!

    Why oh why does that not surprise me!!!

    OMG AND WOW you can become a member for just £10 and recive all these benefits
    When you become a member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    Members Badge and Welcome Card
    All members are sent a badge and a card containing their website login details.

    A "Spotter's Guide" to pylons
    This is similar to an I-Spy guide and provides information about different pylon designs, as well as some specific examples you can look out for. The guide has new pages added as often as possible. Pages are provided in PDF format so you can print and keep them.

    Your questions answered!
    I receive many different requests for information on pylons, usually by research students, and it is not always possible to give each request the attention it deserves. If you become a member of the Pylon Appreciation Society, your questions will be prioritised.

    Junior members
    Junior members (under 16) will also be sent an A4 poster "Parts of an Electricity Pylon". They have their own page in the members area where their comments are printed. If you are joining on behalf of your child, please let me know!


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    Have you noticed the kids section?

    Get them interested early...

    I get paid to inspect towers. Didn't know people did it for fun!!

    I used to live near two electricity switch farms (132kV grid, 400kV supergrid), so there were loads of pylons in the area.

    A neighbour there used to fix small-boat radars as a sideline. He put a radar antenna on the roof of his house and plotted the positions of all the local pylons from the Ordnance Survey maps, which he then used to test and calibrate the radar units.

    Mind you, there's no way he was into Pylons like this lot!!!
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