Just how flexible are Dell on price (over the phone)?

    So I missed the 10% off offer that was on recently... no regrets as I hadn't decided on which laptop was right for me and it would have been a rushed decision just to meet their offer deadline.

    I heard they can be very flexible on price over the phone and I am looking to spend a good £800+ on a Studio 17/15 laptop. I don't plan on replacing this for a long while (my desktop is for upgrading) so I am going with a 4 year warranty, which I think should work in my favour.

    How do I prompt them into lowering the price? Mention other laptop deals I've seen for similar spec? Not let them close the sale and say things like "maybe I'll just wait until the next 10% deal"?

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    I've always found Dell to be hit and miss over the phone.
    I rang up to order a mis-priced laptop that was clearly advertised on their website and they argued about it for about 40 minutes, even found the faulty page themselves and gave in then came back to say it was out of stock and offered me the same spec laptop without a DVD writer and when I said I have to have a DVD writer they said they would stick one in and I argued that this was then the same as the offer I wanted but they wouldn't have it.

    The second time I called them up for a different laptop I had some other quotes and they went out of there way to give me a good deal. Cheaper warranty, free upgrades, free printer etc.

    Both of these were for more budget range laptops between £300-450 so for your price range you may get a better deal.

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