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Found 19th Mar 2007
Can someone please take a look at these links to the Panasonic DMC F27 both on ebuyer and apart from the price and colour is there a difference?



As far as I can see they are the same camera, from the same seller just the second one is cheaper and there are a lot more in stock and it states that it is black where the other does not state a colour a review said that it was silver..

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No you are not daft:)

It is the same camera,just a different colour.I would go for the black,not because it is cheaper,but because I think it looks better than the silver.

I would imagine that the small price difference is due to the cameras being sourced differently,they probably got a better deal on the black model than the silver.

Nice camera,mate:thumbsup:

The price difference between the Black and Silver is because the Silver model is the special edition, I got a silver one and after looking around on other websites this camera in silver was always more expensive...

And after looking at a black one in Jessops and comparing to my silver one I can confirm the silver is the better looking camera out of the two, and is far better in the flesh than the photo...:thumbsup:

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Thanks, i think I'll go for the black one though. I'll buy it now I just wanted someone else to have a look just in case I went and ordered it and then discovered that it was missing something or was slightly different in some other way.

No problem Dave....Cracking camera mate possibly best in its class...:)
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