Just me or is GOOGLE down?

Found 1st Feb 2009
Not getting any response from google.com ..... :-/

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Mine is working fine

Was being all wierd yesterday too.

yesterday it was dreadful

Every site visited yesterday gave me the message "site may contain malware" couldnt enter any webpage from a search but i could from my bookmarks??

Hvae you tried turning it on and off again

Hi, had the same problem yesterday, run a spyware checker like spybot, I use super anti spyware, or both, found a a few adware trackers, deleted and was fine after that. :thumbsup:

mines working fine too x

Original Poster

yeah mines working fine now.. havent restarted my comp or router or anything, might have been my isp.

don't think its spyware im on a fresh install of windows 7 :thumbsup:

Its just you.

some poor google employee made a boo-boo with their security software, managed to cost them an estimated £2,000,000!!! cbc.ca/tec…rss
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