just need some info about hdd

    Hi i was just woundering if anyone new the makes of harddrive the wii like, ie. the wii is very pickie what hard drive is pluged into its usb port, i have a harddrive formated for the wii but it wiil not reconize it, Also have a usb memory pen but it see that any ideas


    Yet to hear of any major brand ones that don't work, what have you got that doesn't.

    Know people with all sorts of Verbatim's, Seagates, WD's etc and all work fine so I'd say you'd be more likely to find one that does than doesn't so I wouldn't say they were picky.

    Are you plugging it into the correct USB port, think they have to be plugged into the outer one.

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    [url=Wii hard drive compatibility wiki] Wii hard drive compatibility wiki[/url]

    Have you put the drive in the bottom of the 2 USB ports? It doesn't like it if you plug into the top one. What format have you done your hard drive? It doesn't use ntfs, you can use fat32 but some games are over 4gb. Ideally you want wbfs.

    I use a maxtor basics one from Sainsburys 250gb

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    have a 40gb formatted to wfbs and pluged into the correct usb port, can get it working with 4gb memory pen formatte the same way, think i read on some forum that the wii can be pick with hard drives. Have the wii softmoded 110% so just think it is the hdd
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