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Found 9th May 2007
Its my oh fathers 60th this month, and were all going out for a meal.
its a surprise meal so when we he arrives the table with have balloons and such.
ive ordered 2 big number balloons for the centerpiece but im wondering what else to order. any ideas?

also help regarding a present would be muchly appreciated.

please and thankyou
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gold or silver number confetti sprinkled over the table looks nice
thats a nice idea, just hope we dont end up covered in it :giggle:
what do you think to this hat http://www.drinkstuff.com/productimg/5062.jpg
so far we have http://www.balloonmonkey.co.uk/balloonsj/s_1080.jpg as the center piece

this for the table http://www.drinkstuff.com/productimg/11473.jpg

party poppers http://www.forevermemories.co.uk/images/party_products/poppers.jpg

and this for the birthday boy http://www.drinkstuff.com/productimg/5062.jpg

anymore ideas anyone?
i hope he has a sense of humour....
hehe, I cant wait to see his face
geek grrrl

so far we have as the center piecethis for the table party poppers and … so far we have as the center piecethis for the table party poppers and this for the birthday boy anymore ideas anyone?

Who is going to clean up the mess afterwards? :!:
im guessing the restaurant staff!
Pressie wise - what does he like?

If he's a drinker you could always go for a vintage bottle of port. Or, if you can't afford that a nice bottle of his favourite tipple & make your own label (they look fab) to celebrate his special day.

If he's a gambler how about a trip to the races. If your fortunate enough to live near a dog track you can have a nice meal out & sponsor a dog which means you get to stand on the track for the presentation & have a lovely family photo taken.

If he's into travel how about a surprise trip somewhere.

If he likes a laugh and is fairly fit how about paintballing or something similar

At the end of the day, I think whatever you do will show that you love him dearly and who wants more than that:)
Always a good fall back for a special date of just about any description - a newspaper reproduction from the special date - this website also has some other potential ideas...bygonenews.com/
why dont you take him on a virgin experiacen as they call it, like hot air baloon rides, f1 racing, etc heres the link they have many more virginexperiencedays.co.uk/
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