Just bits wanted!

    Just passed my driving test a few hours ago and i'm already deal hunting! Anyone have any good car related deals? I.e Sat Nav, Stereos, Emergency things for the boot, tire pressure thingy, fluffy dice etc!

    And yes i'm from Essex, and no i'm not a boy racer!

    Many thanks!



    What type of car have you got??

    Well done on passing :thumbsup:

    Some good deals here…tml .

    Probably best to quote what car you have/going to get.

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    Congratulations!What type of car have you got??

    erm i dont hehe :oops:

    but when i do it would be nice to have a few bits ready for it!

    it'll either be a cheap fiesta for now, or if i see a 206 or focus i like i'll get it…htm - that any good? ideally something like that, and a battery charger maybe.

    Looking for the best price by quality sat nav too, and a cheap stereo that can say do ipod connection


    You haven't passed your test properly until you have had a crash. Just try to ensure you don't get hurt too bad.

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    well i hope i dont crash but i've already accepted the fact it will happen sometime!

    o.k i've now bought a 99 ford focus 1.4 5 door

    got the tomtom sorted, but any other advice or bits to 'nicely' pimp my ride or general handy road bits would be appreciated

    Always keep a bottle of water in the boot - Don't know why! :giggle:

    I was told to do that when I got my first car and I've always done it since - Think it might be to hold back the evil forces of the breakdown bogey men / dirty windscreen witches / radiator rascals (ect.), in which case it works! :giggle:

    Only time I've used any water from the boot has been for cleaning dog doo from shoes before getting in the car, or a quick swish before birdy doo sets solid and ruins the paintwork!


    :shock: I've just realised there's a theme going on here - Water wards of machanical menaces but encourages a lot of sh........doo doo!:cry:

    Congrat's on passing BTW, stay safe!:)
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