Just purchased a new macbook pro, is the additional applecare worth it?

Wondering if the applecare is worth it, as my dad's just bought me an applecare pack, it's still sealed so i'm wondering if it's worth keeping it or selling it on if that's even possible! would like to know, thanks


I would keep it, the service is fantastic and since the laptop is a brand new model, you don't know what special faults it may have down the line.

I would wait until month 11 and then buy it * edit: use it, I didn't read that you already had it*
I would deffo get it, my MacBook has been having lots of issues and the service from apple is great and AppleCare gives you 2 years peace of mind as well.

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thanks for the help, i'll probably keep it as it is a pricey machine!

I made use of my applecare at the weekend on a 2 year old machine. Applecare is definitely worth it at the right price.

I'd keep it. Wish I had it for my MacBook that packed up due to logicboard failure a few months ago. Not a cheap a cheap fix so will probably just bin it
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