Just purchased from ebay... does this look fake?


Just purchased that from ebay as it's a steal. Looked at a thread saying how to look out for fakies - but this one seems to have the correctly placed golden eagle. Also has the 'resturant menu' fold style tag. Looks genuine to me.

If you agree, just wonder if anyone could explain to me why a guy is selling a £75 cardi for £20?



how can you tell the eagle is positioned correctly? how can you be sure that the picture is the actual item you will receive?
if its normally £75 then my money is on it being a fake.


Cant tell to you get it mate.

:thinking: well ive checked his feedback and he has sold a lot of that item already....so i would say they are either fakes or knock-offs....good luck!

Sounds dodgy to me a chines knock off i reckon

Check out his neutral feedback. Fake but cheap one purchaser said. :thumbsup:


Seriously, you're paying £22 for something that's meant to be worth around £75. How can you expect it to be authentic?

fake all day long

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True, just needed an opinion.

The fact i've had to ask you guys for an opinion means i was fooled by it if it is a fake, so i'm none the wiser really.

£20 is still a great price for what looks a lovely item of clothing.

Cheers though people. :thumbsup:

Fake but if your happy then who cares?

He's a knock off Nigel

yeah its a fake

Original Poster


Fake but if your happy then who cares?

Exactly :thumbsup: cheers.

Also - cheaper than Topman so i've saved myself a few quid there.

:thumbsup: you will find out after it shrinks in the wash!

fake defo

definately fake.but better than some knock offs i have seen

not so sure that its fake! factory second could mean exactly that. besides, if its a bargain and it cheers you up a bit then who cares!
p.s. dont they make bags of sugar too?

Dont forget if you open a dispute up as its fake they will tell you to destroy it not send it back, *cough*cough*hint hint

don hedron;5420212

not so sure that its fake!

says the man/boy who once claimed an item of primarks own label as designer.

see the title then the cedarwood item listed lol joker
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