just put new stero into my car but sound only comign through 3 speakers :(

    Hi i just put a new pioneer stereo into my car and noticed theres only sound coming from 3 speakers,is there a wire that i should be conecting that i might of missed?just thought it was strange that was coming through just 3 speakers


    check the iso leads (plugs) a pin may have popped out!, one pin will cause the issue.

    All out and try again sadly.

    Check balance so its not faded left or right and fader to make sure its not faded to back or front if you turn the balance a bit to one side and fade the front to back a bit you can manage to turn any speaker off depending on which way you've done it. Check speaker connections at speaker and the iso at stereo end. Check speakers them selves to be sure it's not just a blown driver also check there's no shorts, If all appears right get a multimeter and short one end of the speaker cable out and meter the other end to check that the cable run is one piece and there's no damage where you cant see, If your not running it through amps and all the wiring's as it should be you might want to take the stereo back as one channel will be blown but they may say that its your installation that's caused the damage.

    make sure the speaker is actually working first, connect it to the wires from one you know is working then if it does work you know its not the speaker its the wiring and like aircanman said check the plugs going in to the back of stereo!

    Good luck mate

    How are you getting on?

    As the others said - check out those ideas - also check each speaker individually by switching over the pins or leads or however you have sonnected them to the back of your stereo.....

    This is a connection issue - there are other ways of getting it to work - but lets see what you have found out so far - then we can test a couple of other theorys if you like?
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