Just rang Vodafone and got 100 extra minutes & loads more texts for no extra cost

Found 27th Feb 2010
I have an old running contract with Vodaphone. I get 200 mins with stop the clock and 50 texts a month for £15 as well as getting a top phone for free.
I had this for a few years and this will probably only help people in a similar situation.
I have started texting more so I thought I would call Voda and see if I could add some more texts to my monthly bill and pay the extra (without extending my contract).
The girl I spoke to gave me an extra 100 minutes and unlimited texts (still with stop the clock) at no extra cost and without extending my contract.
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i'd doa little check up, and see if they did actually put you onto a contract or not, as all phone providers are known to twiddle with their words about contract length, i doubt the CS could just hand you 100 extra mins and unlimited texts, when your out of contract, without adding to cost or securing your custom for a longer time
if ti does end up being at no extra cost/contract then very good deal for yourself, and others who have a small chance at grabbing it
I have 8 months of my contract left and I didn't think you could do what the Customer services person has but I checked and double checked with her that my monthly bill would not change and the length of the contract would not be affected.
I know what you are saying, the proof will be in the bill.
Just a pity its awful reception for me...

Only time I get decent signal is when I'm outside....anytime I'm indoors its just very poor.
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