just received an item off ebay, your never going to beleive how it was packed!

    bought a pokemon bag for my boy off fleabay a few days ago and it arrived tonight, I still cant believe the post office accepted it and it arrived!
    just wrapped in clear bubble wrap with the address label on the front, you can clearly see the contents of the " Package" newbie sellers have no idea do they
    Thankfully i have an honest postie!
    link in next link to the photo


    did it get to you in one peice?

    lol, what an idiot. Someone wrapped my thing in newspaper before - better than nothing!

    haha don't see the problem really, packages often have descriptions on them anyway

    Honestly who would steal it?

    It's not too bad, i've seen much worse.

    How would you like the seller to post your address on a public forum?


    Honestly who would steal it?

    ^^ this ^^

    It doesn't matter if your postman is honest.
    Probably 10 people have handled it before him.

    Serves you right for getting a pokemon item............

    my postman is lovely.....not really related but since so many people have problems with their's i just wanted to point out that they are not all the same. Yeah my postman!

    Must have been a West Ham fan !!:whistling:


    pic removed to edit

    Have you popped those bubbles yet?


    why do people say "fleabay" ****** me off


    I'm pretty sure in this case seeing what was in it made it less likely to … I'm pretty sure in this case seeing what was in it made it less likely to be stolen.


    I always send birthday cards etc unsealed for this very reason.

    loads of magazines are sent in see-through bags......but sure if you will receive it , if its a DSi xl .......!!!
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