Just received money request from someone through paypal, help

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Found 15th Jul 2010
Hi i just received a money request from someone via paypal asking for £155.99, i know nothing about this payment, how do i delete this from my paypal acc???


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Sure you're not buying/selling on Ebay etc?

If you have no clue, then just ignore it probably just a scammer

am getting them everyday in my email...doing my head in.....get upto 4 a day from Banks, Tax Credits, Ebay, Pay Pal.....all scamms.....anyone know how i can stop them?

Maybe contact paypal and tell them ?

Just make sure you dont click on the links in any of the emails as then they can apparently get your info.

forward them to spoof@paypal.com

Open up another email account and tell then to **** off

Just ignore it,someone probably entered the wrong email addy.
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