Just received this email what do you think

    Hi all thought i would ask for some advice. I have received the below email, cannot find anything about scams with the company. I am out of work and desperate for a job would you reply?

    I have looked with interest at your CV on Total Jobs and decided that I would contact you.

    I wondered whether you wanted to work for another company in a similar field to your previous employers or whether you may be open to a different type of opportunity in a different industry. Your mix of people skills and experience put you well placed to excel in our business and I want to meet with you to discuss the options available to you at this time.

    My company is in Team Marketing and we major in the Health, Wellness and Lifestyle industry. At this time of uncertainty, due to the worldwide recession, it is nice to know that our parent company is continuing to go from strength to strength, with an increase of 20% worldwide in 2008 taking us to a turnover of $2.5 billion.

    Due to our expansion throughout the UK, we are currently seeking key people around the country with the right attitude and attributes to work with us in Business and Marketing Development and, having read your CV, I am happy to arrange a meeting with you, to show you our business model.

    I am meeting people at The Thistle Hotel, East Midlands Airport on Thursday 27th May, between 5pm and 8pm. You have some of the skills and experience that we are looking for. You do not need to do any research prior to meeting me.

    If you would like me to reserve some time for you please let me know as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards

    Robert Strange
    [email protected]
    We build people, people build businesses

    (This is an email address only, there is no corresponding web site because I prefer to meet people in person)


    are you looking for a job in the "Health, Wellness and Lifestyle industry" ?

    i bet hes a killer

    Ring the hotel and see if there is any type of booking?

    The last comment is the only worrying thing, other than the fact it doesnt actually name the company. Reply to the email address and get more details before arranging that meeting mate.

    there is no corresponding web because it is probably a new venture or a scam where he will ask you for money .
    Would you feel safe meeting a stranger at a hotel?? Drink with rohypnol ?? I would avoid but thats just me :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    not specifically but generally in management again.

    Original Poster

    Right just replied askin for what the role entails etc ill keep you posted, off to suffer the indignity of signing on!

    A quote from that article
    The first line of products scheduled to launch in the second half of 2009, starting with the infomercials and advertorials for its first product(Vitamin Buddy) as early as next week, are very inexpensively priced and innovative personal health and safety products. The Company is focusing on lower priced products initially due to the weak economic environment. In early 2010, the Company is going to launch the Muscle Flex™ product, a revolutionary in-home fitness unit that combines strength and flexibility training along with a cardiovascular workout. This is the first personal fitness product that combines the benefits of all the three aspects of fitness. The company is also working on various other products and fitness machines which are in prototype stages.

    I would say it would be a job trying to flog the sort of gash that you see advertised on these crappy home shopping channels.

    It's a pyramid scheme.




    give them some cash up-front and you may get the job!

    seriously though, no!

    theres something Strange about this email and his email address.

    Original Poster

    [QUOTE=Jonsend;8651053]It's a pyramid scheme.[/QUOTEl.

    Thanks all, gut told me it would be a cash up front but always worth asking others opinion repped you all.

    As above.

    It's a pity that shisters like this waste your time and get your hopes up with what looks like a promising email.

    A bit more information can be found if you do a look up on the domain it's registered to (you can look it up if you go to and enter the domain in the search box and select details on the .com domain after the search)

    Robert Strange
    40 Beech Avenue
    Nottingham, NG3 5JW

    Administrative Contact:

    Strange, Robert [email protected]

    Give him a call, see what the reponse is to your questions ;-)

    Be very careful mate. Its a pyramid scheme. You will be recruited to sell the crap on that Mr Strange has bought into and had realised is gash. He's probably trying to recoup his losses from someother mug.

    The company is Muscle Flex Inc and sell the crap that you normally get in your spam email.

    Take a…htm


    Its a ] scheme
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