Just recieved 2 invoices from ebay,help

    Hi i just recievd to invoices for the same amount of ebay,just worried they will try and take 2 payments of me, is there live help on ebay?



    it's just a glitch, someone set it to send twice by mistake

    I had the same thing today, just ignore it (unless you intend to pay one of them)

    Do they have the same invoice number? If so it will just be sent twice by mistake and they should only take one payment off you.

    They also sent me two the same. They were for nil amounts. I think its just a glitch if a lot of people are getting the same.

    Yeah i got two Nil amount invoices today aswell as i havent sold anything this Month so its probably sending every five or so people a double email because of a software problem.
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