Just recieved my saphire radeon X1600 pro

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Found 8th May 2007
iv just recieved my graphics card,the one what was posted in the hot deals section. After installing it,and then i restarted it.a page popped up and said

"This problem was caused by a compatibility issue between Windows Vista and this version of ATI Catalyst Control Center. This program was created by ATI"

so i went onto the ATI website and went onto drivers and software,so i clicked vista 32bit,then radeon then X1600. annd then it said theres a version called

O i forgot,i actually bought this card for the HDMI purposes,the aim was to view proper hi def videos.

"Catalyst® 7.4 Display Driver for Windows Vista (32 bit) "

then it says underneath

"Catalyst 7.4 does not support X1600 Pro with HDMI, please continue to use Catalyst 7.3"

Thats what i was using version 7.3 and i got the compatibility issue page

After unistalling my onboard graphics,my screen went magnified,its not all wonky or anything just everythings bigger than usual. But after installing the new card and restarting it after install nothing has changed so im guessing its not working. Does anyone have a clue what i can do or help me


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when the compatibility page comes up i just clicked run program and it takes me to the compatibility page over and over again

Change your resolution.

Right click, properties, setting and set resolution to how it was before. Should be XXXX x XXX(X)

(Captial X are numbers)

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thanks for the reply.that will just stop the magnified wont it,it wont make it compatible will it

O I thought you said you figured it out except the magnified thingy! I'm not about the card sorry

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sorry my fault,abit misleading.

its says it wont work with HDMI,what is this lol. does this stop me from viewing Hi def on my TV,

Does it not have a DVI output rather than HDMI? I use a DVI lead from my laptop X1600 with a HDMI adaptor to connect to the TV.

I had to use Powerstrip to create a custom widescreen resolution for my TV.

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im going to download the 7.4 version (doesnt support HDMI) and see what happens,iv ordered a DVI to HDMI lead

i think when it says doesnt support HDMI,do you think it means it doesnt support the striaght connection from the card connection,


i think when it says doesnt support HDMI,do you think it means it doesnt … i think when it says doesnt support HDMI,do you think it means it doesnt support the striaght connection from the card connection,

I would imagine so. It's probably because HDMI carries video and sound whilst DVI is just video, that they say it doesn't support the HDMI standard.
Have you ordered the correct type of DVI lead? There's DVI-A/DVI-D/DVI-I
Fun huh

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il check in a sec which one i ordered lol. iv just atempted to download the 7.4 version.and at the end of the installation it said failures occured during installation so i went to view log,and it has like 5 catorgories,it says success on all of them accept

VERSION OF ITEM: 8.360.0.0000

Then on error messges at the bottom it says

Driver Install: the INF file was not found:

^^^i think this is my problem,is anyone familiar with that

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thats the one i ordered,its not been delievered yet


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mbeeching what DVI cable have you got.i got it working now,i had to download an earlier driver for vista 7.3 i used instead of the new 7.4

which driver did you download,whats your OS
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