Just saw justice league *mimor spoiler*

Found 18th Nov 2017
So I saw it and thought it was incredible 3rd bets mcu/dccu film I’ve seen yet, yet every review says it was all over the place, steppenwolf was a poor choice and resurrecting superman was a bad choice. Yet I didn’t see it this way at all steppenwolf wasn’t anything like he is in the comics, the film followed a incredibly good flow given how much it had going on and had 3 origin stories to tell and bringing superman back was a brilliant plan to be the ember that causes the hate from darkseid.

Anybody else think this or am I the only one who enjoyed it lol.

I see it’s only making $94 or so they guess and my worry is it could result in the dccu being scrapped all cause a lot of review websites say it’s a bad film yet they seem to always praise marvel.

Personally I prefer DC Comics especially dark nights metal
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Baring the Batman’s done by mr Nolan ,Dc s films are crap basically ,marvel have fell off also

If I see one more marvel film featuring 10 marvel super hero’s and the avengers I’m going to lose my mind ,stop it please
Some people just overly criticise the DCU but accept everything from MCU.

overall MCU has been way above DCU but most audiences are reviewing Justice League way better than critics.
Both are brain rotting borefests full of nothing but over used CGI and explosions.
Supermans mouth distracted me throughout.
I watched the review on BBC's Film Review.
M.K. said it was boring s**t, so I won't even bother downloading it
i watched it, i liked it, dc films are more serious, ppl might die in them, marvel more laid back and happy, i am instrested in seeing where this film goes.

movie reviews is like someone reviewing food for you we all got different taste
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