just saw this on mse and i am in floods of tears. please donate what you can.

23.10.07 Insert By Martin: Just a quick explanation of what you're about to read. The post is by Simon123 who's little boy Zac died of Meningitis. His friend Claire1986 is giving up 21st birthday presents to instead have people donate to the Meningitis Research Trust (how wonderful!)

He posted it here to tell people, and then MoneySavers, people he's never met, nor has Claire, decided to start donating - when you click through you can see all the (MSE) after peoples names. I'm very proud to be a part of this community. Later on in this thread, after requests Simon has kindly & bravely posted pictures of his beautiful little boy.

30.10.07. This has now been so successful the Meningitis Research trust are monitoring it and Claire has been in touch to say how moved she is by it all. The target is now at £5,000.


Hi everyone, I wanted to post something along these lines yesterday but was worried about someone moaning at me.

I received a text yesterday off a friend of mine with the following website address included: justgiving.com/cla…986.

I didn't know that this was going to be appealed for and was shaking slightly at the picture on the site, the reason is, the little boy (zac) was my son.

I don't want to write a begging post but I find it so warming that someone I know as an acquaintance is nice enough to request that all her birthday presents are donated to this cause. In fact, it broke my heart.

Not sure how to word this but if any fellow moneysavers wish to add even ten pence to the site then I would be very greatful. Maybe even a fraction of anything you have saved on MSE would be appreciated.

I wouldn't normally be so forward, but I feel that if just one little child could be saved then my little man wouldn't have died in vain.

Thank you all

Donate to the Meningitis Research Foundation here justgiving.com/cla…986


thanks for posting this here. they have beaten the target and are now up to over £6000!

Original Poster

Thanks didn't know if i was doing the right thing by posting but glad i did even if just one more person donates then it's good.

It seems you have a very good friend. Brought a lump to my throat.
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