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Found 14th Nov 2008
Clearance sale - everything must go Argos, Index, Freemans
Sat 15th Nov Starts at 5pm prompt
The Dukes Head Public House, 539 Barking Road E6
£2 Admission Fee - Cash Payments only

Apple ipod £20
Sony Camcorder DCR-IP1E £95
Motorola V3 £15
Beko washing machine £29.99
Hotpoint Condenser Dryer £33.99
Sony Vaio Centrino Processor Laptop DVD Writer £120
Nintendo DS £15
Sony PSP £20

etc etc

Just seen this on a flyer. Hope there is 'someone' in the audience to ensure all is legit.
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My town had one of these a while back,i was intrigued but couldnt help wondering if there was a catch is it returned/faulty goods?
dey have limited stock.
They lock you in there forcing you to buy etc.
They dont have any good stock etc
but really can you honestly buy a sony psp for £20?
bod emrys;3465252

People in the audience who work for the 'company' selling the goods will … People in the audience who work for the 'company' selling the goods will get all the good stuff, the rest will be ****** cheap electronics from brands you've never heard of.

cash payments only hhhmmmm lol
the real lock in
Saw one like this on 'Real Hustle' - may pop down there, thanks :thumbsup:


Saw one like this on 'Real Hustle' - may pop down there, thanks … Saw one like this on 'Real Hustle' - may pop down there, thanks :thumbsup::giggle:

what a program
corr.. jess
I think the first line gives the game away that all is not good!

Clearance sale - everything must go Argos, [COLOR=Blue]Index,[/COLOR] Freemans

Index stopped trading a few years ago I think around 2005 so any excess stock will have been sorted and sold a long time ago!

Yep] shut down 126 stores and sold the remaining 33 to GUS/Argos first half 2008
I went to something like this last year although it wasn't big shop names like Argos etc. It was basically a massive con! It was ran by a guy with a group of real rough looking helpers. He sold some really good deals like TVs with Playstation 3s for dirt cheap to a few "select members of the audience" who promptly disappeared. He then gave the odd good deal on things like mp3 players and kitchen appliances but didn't take any money or hand out the products. Once everyone was all hyped up by the stupidly low prices, he managed to take money off people for a groups of unknown items, making them think they might be getting similar deals like the TVs and Playstations. Unfortunately they ended up getting a load of cheap basic stuff; they may have got a TV for example, but it would be a budget make/model that had been used. The worst part was they all payed decent money for these things, 2 sets - one of £50 and one of £100+. Pretty gutting considering they could have picked up the junk for around £20, not that they would have even wanted to! Afterwards the man and his cronies left quickly denying all knowledge of the sales of the decent mp3s and stuff and left lots of people bewildered and pretty peed off! The whole thing went on for about 3 hours, it was very well pulled of because people were genuinely believing they were going to get a really good deal, and at the end there wasn't a lot they could do as he did say this was a blind bid. Was pretty horrible to watch...

Sorry for such a long post!
bod emrys;3465392

]this one :thumbsup:

Missed this one myself. Makes sense now just what happens.
Why is the law so lacking that it cannot stop this kind of thing.
Been to one of these it is a total scam stay away if I was you!
It's a scam - plenty of info on this and a few vids on youtube explaining how it works.
if you are going, go with 20 or so rugby playing mates. Just to be sure of getting your money back after being ripped off.

May be worth even phoning the police.

They work this con by first offering stuff hidden inside a bag, you blind bid for whatever is in the bag.

As has been stated, the first few bags contain high price items for give away prices (probably sold to their "friends").

Then they bring out more bags and people bid for them (thinking they are going to get a great deal) but when they buy this "bag" for £40 or whatever they open it and it is a cheap MP3 player or plastic digital camera.

These guys are bordering on the criminal (and I think it is against the law). Keep well away.
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