Just thought about this.. Online betting idea!

Found 21st Jun 2008
I was just thinking about betting and so fourth and this idea came into my head.
As we know yesterdays football game ended as a 3:1 win to turkey
but in USA they are 5 hours behind so they do not know the result, whereas we do!
so if theres an online betting site built for USA, we could bet quite a lot of money on the winning team and we are guaranteed to win because we`ve already seen the match.

don`t know if this will actually work, so i thought id post it on here and get some views on it:)

lol, the online bookies will go bankrupt
- myaser88

My god - this is brilliant, we could use the system to win the lottery every week !
PMSL :-))
- Monkeybumcheeks

LOL very funny
- massmail666

This is pure Genius - The Times

Best thing in decades! - The Sun

Funniest thing to date! FHM Magazine
- DangerGod

Only in America - New York Times.
- t0mm

The best thing since next week - Alfonse
- Alfonse

- dontdothatagain

- king1gazza

There is no great genius without some touch of madness.
- The JFK

World Genius
- strike

i poo'd my pants
- Cluffy321

What They Said ^
- borolad94

Still cant stop thinking about this pure genius
- alnbowes

A cunning plan indeed!!!
- salder21

will you idiots stop editing the post.
- matt3454

You da man - National Enquirer.
- golfchip

oh snap!
- magicbeans

my grandma loves me
- acecatcher3

och aye

- rugger-tyke

Bill Gates ain't got nothing on you!
- dcx_badass

- dontdothatagain

This really has to be the deal of the year.... Oooo shiat... It's a new one.. Great thread.. PS.. don't let on we know about this scam..
- edna_clouds

Levis24 - You ARE the next Secretary General of United Nations!
- StevenA2000_uk

i love acecatchers grandma
- Cluffy321

beware of the bump
- magicbeans

I still haven't read this thread
- starsparkle2311

- Bhav007

This thread will never die. Epic.
- mbgringo

more cunning than a fox at a cunning convention
- boothy

I still have not read this thread, seriously!!
- starsparkle2311

Me neither
- Marina

levis24 = AMAZING
- sharon_uk

Wow just wow - nikkib123
- nikkib123

Love it

- hassony

- loop

Still laughing 1 year after reading it.
- Foxy102

I'm in and loving it
- fragaliciousbob

Still laughing 2 years after reading it!!!
- krazie2004

The Op's never gonna live this down!

- rihanna08

Fail pics at the ready
- jtx

Why didn't I think of this - Hash112
- Hash112

- ace101

this makes me happy
- ham82

Omg! This is ....... forget it words cant describe lol
- Nailez

Friday wouldn't be the same without this.
(unless you're american, where potentially it's still Thursday)
- BurntEffigy

So officially APPROVED me

Never gets old.
- Nailez

you would need to bet @ exactly 88 MPH
- raptorcigs

- Guyver

win win win win
- Nailez

still as stupid as it was back then
- simplex

And I thought it was only monkeys that lived high up in the trees..
- ukmonkey

If he was kidding...best troll thread ever
- jellybaby22

Deered to flame, and became legendary!
- ShaunnyBwoy

Two years on..... This is still funny!
- Pitbikeboy

- Im american and only got this 5 hours ago, heat added
- ct89

- TheBoss96

Betting guide for time travellers
- pcangeldust
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Sorry are you being serious or joking here? Their timezone is five hours behind but they know the result exactly the same time as we do thanks to modern technology.

I actually believe you are being serious :giggle:
Are you serious?
You do realise its just the time difference. They are not actually 5 hours behind us ie they will have the results almost the same time we do.

T H E F U N N I E S T P O S T EVER!!!!!!
Does the 24 in your user name indicate how many months old you are? :-)
LOL oh sorry, just me being silly again then
lol serious post is serious!
Lol crazy! well firstly gambling online is illegal in the USA! So that may be a slight issue?? :whistling: Also games would be shown there at the same time as UK time. Just like say World Cup 2002 in japan and south korea!! So KO's in the US would be at say 1:45pm and so would be impossible to do this as I'm sure everyone would have done it by now!!!! :-D
if ever there werre a glitch in the system it'll be this one
top post
thats a Delboy idea lmao
That made me laugh :w00t:
errr Rodney you Plonker!!! made me smile on a wet Saturday afternoon tho'
This has to be the funniest post ever :giggle:
Heres an idea, why not hop on a plane to US and you'll actually be going back in time!!!!!

Heres an idea, why not hop on a plane to US and you'll actually be going … Heres an idea, why not hop on a plane to US and you'll actually be going back in time!!!!!

I actually thought of a similar concept....if you jump on a space ship travelling at 299,792,458 metres per second then up the gas on the pedal to increase speed by a further 100,000,000 metres per second, and if you had a powerful enough telescope you could in theory watch history unfold :thumbsup:
lol, is this guy serious?

lol, is this guy serious?

LOL oh sorry, just me being silly again then

It appears he wasn't joking :w00t:
I think he's been watching too much of Back to the Future Part II !!!

OP, it happens, don't worry about it :thumbsup:
[FONT="Arial Black"]ROFLMAO!!![/FONT]

Sorry :oops:
That is just sooooo fantastic.

If had been me I think have would have pretended not to be serious.

Sorry but very funny :-D
Yeah, it definantly works. I saw it in a film, there is a but...

You need a Flux Capacitor - quiet hard to get hold of...
Gotta give the guy rep for making my day

You need to be this man and have this machinery!!!

Taxi For One
Never mind - it's good to think :thumbsup:

Heres an idea, why not hop on a plane to US and you'll actually be going … Heres an idea, why not hop on a plane to US and you'll actually be going back in time!!!!!

This used to be possible with concorde... you could get on a plane in the UK at 10am and actually be in the USA at 9am or whatever.
Try this so you can watch the match, then go back in time to bet on it before the match happens.

Great Scott
Also, because Australia are ahead of us in time, go to ]google australia to get tomorrows news before it has happened!

Wonder how old the OP is
i will make sure this thread lives forever... im still lmao now

i will make sure this thread lives forever... im still lmao now

No please dont! When ever I see it at the top I start to cry in laughter! :-D
Eeh, God... I don't like to laugh but I can't believe this thread! :-D

LOL you are good

Great Scott

I know, this is heavy.
this is having a bump. best idea ever. wish i had thought of it
This is how I made my millions.
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