Just to say...

    There have been some very hot freebies submitted over the past couple of days, like Wall-E tickets and source shower gel.
    Well done everyone who submitted these, I love freebies!! :-)


    :thumbsup::thumbsup:well said pp

    thanks - some we get some we dont -

    love it when we do though:)

    I lurve a freebie!!:roll:
    I used to trawl the net for freebies every sunday afternoon (sad aint I?) Now with UKHD all the hard work is done for me! Thanks to EVERYONE who finds and posts em:thumbsup::thumbsup:

    I get a few delivered.

    Thanks to those who post them!

    Cheapskates, lol

    No doubt the freebie-givers recoup nicely by passing on information to other parties.
    Best keep a special email account purely for spam!!!


    I love freebies too......sadly I hardly get any I apply for .......:?

    Both sides of the fence!

    Agree with JB, but I love a bargain and freebies are the best type!

    I have applied for around 10 & so far the ones I got are some flower seeds from the Childrens society & a name tag for luggage from Jack Daniels.

    2 out of 10 isnt great, but they're still free and worth 2 minutes of my time to key in the info!
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