Just to say a quick Hi.

    Hi All,

    I have just registered here after my Husband got me addicted. The site is amazing and has a great bunch of members, looking forward to talking to you and benefitting from the deals that benefit me and not just my Husband. :-)

    Would anyone be able to help me with an Avatar? I am wanting Miss Piggy in the new Liverpool shirt (my Husband has Kermit in the new shirt).


    Can't help with the avatar but hi hon.

    Hi and welcome.

    Sorry to sound a pain.........but did you clear registering with the mods first as you may end up banned if not for having duplicate accounts from the same ip.

    It cannot be found!! You will have to get someone to make it for you...i'm sure there's a few volunteers out there...

    Oh, and you have a decent husband. Always a pleasure to deal with!

    hello and welcome!


    here's a rough lookin piggy


    Hiya and welcome

    Welcome to HUKD hun :thumbsup:


    Hi and Welcome! :thumbsup:

    hi and welcome



    repped :thumbsup:




    repped :thumbsup:

    I like it, but would be better if it didn't have the pink writing and was the new top. Adidas make the shirt now not Reebok.

    Good effort though.

    Welcome aboard Missy.

    @ Syzable- I will check with the Mods if the ID is allowed, she will not be using the For Sale/Trade thread just the deals, freebies and the misc.


    Welcome and good luck with the avatar.


    I really like that 1 :thumbsup:, hopefully she does.


    Oh, and you have a decent husband. Always a pleasure to deal with!

    Cheers! :oops::thumbsup:

    Hi LFC Muppetess & welcome to HUKD

    LFC Muppet;2685529

    I really like that 1 :thumbsup:,

    pretty hot right? goes to show you can stick any old pig in our shirt and she'll look great :-D

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