Just took a mobile to CEX and they have refused to buy it. Watermark?

Found 18th Nov 2010
Hello everyone.

Just took our Nokia N97 Mini to CEX. Went back and they have said that the watermark is missing from inside the phone. I have never removed this and the phone has never been damaged so must have happened before i had it.

I need to sell this to pay for my new one but don't want to sell anything that I wouldn't want to buy myself.

Can anyone suggest what i do?

Thank you xx feel gutted right now
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sell it here or ebay.

not sure what watermark is? at first i thought water damaged but inside i havent a clue.

how much were you going to get for it?

also try another cex maybe?
watermark is missing?

I know the battery rubs on the hologram and can wear it away over time. -- A serial number check will confirm if the phone is OK

It's the sticker that indicates water damage.

Also it is normally on top of the battery, near the gold magnetic strips, if it is water damaged, the colour will turn to pink or red-ish from white
It's like a little sticker inside and if removed they cannot sell it or something?

It was an A grade until they spotted that too They were going to give me £127 as it is unlocked.
Ok but the phone is fine, I have had it for 3 months with no problems and definitely never been water damaged with me
looks like you were done when you bought it then!

looks like you were done when you bought it then!

have a look at the same model in another shop and see what it looks like, then stick a white sticker of the right shape and size in the appropriate place :-)
Buy a new battery and then go to CEX.
Have you checked this yourself? I wouldn't say Cex are the most truthful people in the world "We don't have any cash in the tills"
the watermarker is usually on both the battery and the inside of the mobile - inside it's usually on the left had side and yes they are white and go red if water gets on them. but not all mobiles have them visible. I've just checked the database and we got loads of Nokias at work but not not that model.
Maybe you could go to a Nokia show and get them to check your device?
They tried this on with me earlier on this year, I have to admit I'd never heard of it previously. Thing is, the phone was brand new in the box- the bloke had just unsealed it in front of me. They flat out refused to take it.

Luckily, Croydon has two CEXs (oddly located about two minutes walk from each other), so I just took it to the other one and they accepted it without issue
It must effect value because even if it has never had water damage the warranty gets voided once the sticker is tampered with at all.
Just checked another Nokia in the family, Nokia 5800, and can't see any white labels in that one.

Thanks for all the replies everyone, its really appreciated
Take it again see who's on test or take it to another branch

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