just want some advice before i put it for sale

    i have in my possession a few computer bits. just wanted to see if it would be of any interest or not, then put up for sale, hence putting it in misc. also wanted to know the prices before i go ahead and post it! i aint got a clue

    i have a fully working p4 1.6g aopen motherboard, it is attached to a case, but the case, it is not the original one for the pc. so just w the board, unless you want it with it! it has no HDD - it failed on me. it also comes with ram, i think 768mb ram, 3 sticks. also has a PSU.

    i also have a power supply unit . an ATX 12v (Version 1.3) P4 model 300x
    has 400w switching power. made by lanway.

    would these interest anyone? if so i would post up some images etc, and list it properly (i hope i am allowed to do what i have just done, i.e. the above)


    Why not just list it and see cos I can't see what 'advice' you're actually looking for:?

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    K, thats the sort of advice! lol! i will list it! hehe!

    just wanted advice about how much to sell it, i have not got a clue, and that is one of the rules for selling!

    Well it's up to you really, just put how much you want. You can lower the price later if you want but not increase it so bear that in mind :thumbsup:

    Would say around 3 to 5 quid for power supply at a push

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    Would say around 3 to 5 quid for power supply at a push

    have done!
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