Just watched Edge Of Darkness **(May be spoilers in thread)**

    Just got back from watching Mel Gibsons latest, The Edge Of Darkness.

    Just thought I'd make a thread wondering what people thought of it.

    I personally would definitely recommend people go watch it although I found it hard to follow a bit like I found The Departed hard to follow.

    Anyway enough of my babbling. What everyone else think?


    Original Poster

    Haha guess nobody bother to watch it or everyones out on the town while i'm stuck on here. :-(

    Bet he doesn't kiss his daughter's dildo which was an odd scene in the TV series.


    been to see it Friday .. great film and the "Daddy " was in.. and then to make things worse the local gazette interviewed me when I was on me way out... most stupid question they asked me .. what's your favourite film:roll:
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