Just WHO invented the phrase Credit Crunch?

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Found 1st Aug 2008
Im seeing this all over the place, along with recession.

So who do you think invented this phrase? - Did the banks advise us? The Government? Or was it our good old friends the tabloids?

People are seriously panicking about work, money, shopping etc and how they are going to live in the future, when these tabloids are reporting every day, credit crunch this, credit crunch that. The banks may have tightened up, mortgages may have slowed down, but its not a crunch. We use finance in work and they seem to be approving more and more!

Reason for thread? - Life is hard enough without this pathetic waffle the tabloids come up with, dont worry UK!

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Can't fault that, when I start seeing people selling their 42" plasma tellies or even stop buying them then we might be in a credit crunch. There is plenty of money out there, just the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Will continue like that forever, probably until world war 3.

totally agree hun! i don't worry about all this thats going on, i go with the flow. can't do nothing about it. it will sort its self out, if not , we will have to learn to live with it. :thumbsup: live for the moment,

They're changing the name of Golden Grahams when the recession sets in....

US mortgage crisis - UK and world banks heavily invested in this market
crude at $145+ a barrel, though this has dropped by around 2% now
as a result food increased by over 100% on some products
BG price increase of 35% and energy prices highest ever
it will be a while before we see full outfall of economic problems, change is only percieved gradually
not to mention supermarkets will run out of british honey the end of december (predicted) cos all the hive bees are dying (lol! - or not lol)
I'm also getting 0.78% less on my savings due to interest rate cuts, dang!
basically it's harder to obtain investment capital and honey

The term "credit crunch" has its roots
in the unusually tight credit conditions
that existed in the United States in the late
summer of 1966, when reports of borrowers
unable to obtain credit at any price
were common.

source: questia.com/goo…187

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Look @ the state of the supermarkets tho. They jumped on this credit crunch. And the reports that things were going up.

Tesco put their prices up straight away, and were making higher profits? That says something doesnt it?

But now they are struggling. Last 2 weeks we have had good prices on some good stuff, its all going now tho, fuel saving 5p vouchers, all the good deals. Tightening their belts now cos people are getting wise to them.

Everyone is jumping on the Credit Crunch bandwagon, this is what is crippling the people. The only thing we should be worrying about is the fuel prices.


It's two words!

kellogs crunchy nut caused a upsurge in the market when they hit the mmarket so reversely the credit crunch is a slump in economy.

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It's two words!

lol, sorry lol!


It's two words!

Agreed. I think anything longer than one word can be classed as a phrase! :thumbsup:

I, for one, am concerned about the state of the economy. My belt is suitably tightened at the moment and I have no immediate worries due to having fixed rate mortgage and energy.

But I think the economy is in a downturn and when more and more of us are made unemployed over the next year, due to companies needing to cut costs, I think there'll be fewer people with the live-for-today (or let's-get-a-massive-tv) attitude!

Hope I'm wrong but the word recession may get a lot more air-time in the next 12 months!

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Just had BBC news on, massive issues with flights costing more now cos of fuel etc. This is the issue at hand. No problems with food prices rising, this is just the greedy companys trying to make as much money as they can before it all runs out.

It all started in the USA, flogging houses to those that clearly could not afford them, we are all paying the price now.:x
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