just wondering how many hukdealers spoke Welsh?

    Im first language welsh and wondered how many other users spoke the language?


    llanfaurpwyllgwynnn.................................................oh i give up

    I once heard Welsh loving called 'The language of madmen and Wizards'...

    i can say that big train station but thats about it!

    my 6 yr old can speak in welsh, but I dont have a clue, Saying that I am English just living in wales
    But my welsh hubby is still put to shame by his 6 yr old Daughter

    I once travelled 100 miles in an austin allegro with cellpohane flapping in the windows to see the Alarm at Cardiffs st davids hall (i think!?!?) they came on stage and proceeded to sing in welsh for an hour..! Hadn't got a clue what was going on...!

    got a B in my welsh GCSE! haha

    "dwin hoffi pel droed"

    close enough right? haha

    i can also speak greek.


    Dim Parcio


    got a B in my welsh GCSE! haha"dwin hoffi pel droed"close enough right? … got a B in my welsh GCSE! haha"dwin hoffi pel droed"close enough right? hahai can also speak greek.

    poli kala


    I only talk rubbish :giggle:

    My wife is welsh so i've learnt the essentials, Rwy'n dy garu di and Cachu bant.

    keri gravis bwuch dwll !!

    Written as its spoken therefore spelling probably all wrong.

    I used to work in Aberytswyth and they taught me a few phrases!

    I could when I was little, up to about age 4, but no longer: although apparently phrases do come back to me when I've had a bit too much to drink!
    Another case of 'use it or lose it'.

    Araf its the hedlu
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