Just wondering if these pc specs good enough for call of duty 4

    Hi there i was just wondering if these pc specs good enough for call of duty 4, crisis im not looking to the play the games to there full advantage just play them without it crashing. if you could just let me know what you guys think.

    Intel® Core 2 Duo E4600 Processor (2.40GHz,800MHz,2MB cache)
    Genuine Windows Vista
    3072MB 667MHz (2x1024 + 2x512) Memory
    500GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 16MB DataBurst cache
    256MB ATI® Radeon HD 2600 XT graphics card
    16x DVD +/- RW Drive


    Looks like a powerful machine to me, not sure on the requirements of the games though.

    I reckon it will play!
    If it struggles a bit, you can clock that CPU to 3ghz with the stock cooler (google it!)

    pc looks powerful but graphics card will probably struggle, especially on higher resolutions and with lots happening on the screen. Comments here from review:

    "The GDDR3-equipped HD 2600 XT could only play Need for Speed: Pro Street smoothly at 1,024 x 768. Meanwhile, Call of Duty 4 proved to be a little on the slow side, while Crysis was well beyond the card's meagre capabilities.

    It should come as no surprise that a £64 graphics card isn't suited to playing the latest games at high detail settings."

    I'd personally go for a Higher Spec processor and graphics card....

    That spec might be ok for now... install a few games etc etc will soon slow down - Always over spec to avoid disappointment!

    Games are far more GPU bound than CPU bound these days, the improvement given for having a faster CPU is going to be minimal, its all about the graphics card. It will probably play okay at the lowest resolutions (1024x768 and below) but if you want higher resolutions/all the eye candy turned on you would need to look at getting a higher-specced graphics card.

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    which graphics card would you recomend i get? not too expensive mind you

    If you can afford it, go for an 8800GT. They can be picked up for around the £100 mark. They are fantastic!
    If you can only afford around £75, have a look for a ATI3850 Pro 256MB
    If you can only afford £50, look for 8600GTS cards.

    I would also replace your ram with 2GB of 800Mhz DDRII. (assuming your mobo supports it) Will only cost you around £30.
    £27 + shipping

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    Inno3D 8500GT 512MB DDR2 VGA DVI PCI-E Graphics Card is this one better


    Inno3D 8500GT 512MB DDR2 VGA DVI PCI-E Graphics Card is this one better


    What size monitor are you sizing (resolution wise)?


    £99 delivered.

    Just noticed ur tags. If it is a dell, you probably won't be able to overclock the CPU. (not available in BIOS -)

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    o.k this is harder than imagined im just looking for a decent desktop pc worth £350 any suggestions

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    AMD Athlon64 4600X2 Dual Core CPU 2 cores running at 2.4GHZ each


    20 X DVDRW

    500GB 7200rpm S-ATA2 Hard Drive

    GeForce 8600GT with 1GB of RAM DX10 ready True 1GB not shared

    will this computer b ok do you reckon

    Why not just buy a new Graphics card?
    I would forget the 8600GT. Spend the extra and go 8800GT. More important that having 4GB of ram.

    i have a Q6600 processor (4 x 2.4GHz), 3gb RAM, 8600GT and vista home premium and i can run COD4 on high settings

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    thanks all for your imput im gonna order one of dell and put a new graphics card in myself

    go on [url][/url] and select "can you run it" and it will scan your computer and tell you if your computers good enough to run the game you selected
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