Just wondering when the iphone pay as you go is coming out? Does any one even know?

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Found 12th Jul 2008
Also, can the contract ones be unlocked? i guess they cant as they can be had for 45 if so.
Thanks, dan.


I don't think there is a date set for the PAYG release but everyone is thinking it'll be around December time.
I think they can be unlocked but you can't get hold of a handset without having to sign the contract, where ever you buy it from. ie. in an apple store, O2 store or CPW store.

It'll be back in stock and on payg around Juvember:thumbsup:

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lol, so it wont be in stock on contract until nov :O or juv in your speak

There's none in stock anywhere atm and I don't think anyone knows when Apple will pull their finger out with their suppliers.

Maybe HTC won't sell them any screens as a marketing ploy for their HTC Touch Diamond which seems to be a much better phone imo:shock:http://www.htc.com/uploadedimages/WWW/Product/Diamond_Just_The_Right_Size.jpg

Pay-as-you-go won't be until the end of the year.
Contracts are being restocked each week. They say they hope to meet the demand by the end of the summer.

try ebay

Was told Christmas time by the o2 store.

Cex have on £425 8GB

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