Just3G previously on Watchdog!

    This company are now trading again online with a new look website, please be very cautious if you come across this website.



    Do you have a link to the BBC Watchdogs report on just3g???

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    I can't find the link but if you contact Watchdog they will confirm that they were investigating Just3G and contacted a number of people to get more information about the company. There was loads of information on various internet forums but the information always gets deleted after Just3G threaten legal action!

    Hope this helps:thumbsup:


    Hope this helps:thumbsup:

    Not really.
    I don't remember seeing it

    I can't get your links to work

    edit. I just re-read you last reply about the link not working.

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    Like I mentioned in a previous post all the various forums have had their content was a good website but all the content about Just3G was deleted!

    Try Just3g as a google search..........the search results will confirm what I mentioned in the original post.

    I cannot find anything 'active' but there is something not 'right' with just3g.

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    Scroll through the first 5 pages on Google. The point of my original post was to warn people to be very catious when thinking about buying from this company.

    OK, thanks for the warning. :thumbsup:

    I do think we need to be careful, it seems just3g have had a bunch of Solicitors getting posts pulled on Google.
    We don't want HDUK caught up in some legal action.
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