Justifing jailbreaking an iphone

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Found 27th Aug 2009
What are the pluses and negatives of jailbreaking an iphone ??

I know it will open it up to any network but why else would you do it ? I am on 02 anyways so don't care about it being on any network.

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Free apps via Cydia and Installer.

There are no cons.

jailbreaking does not open it to all networks,it still has to be unlocked after

loads of extra apps available

no real downside,just do a restore if you need to take it in to applestore

Personalise your phone & free apps

Whats to justify

Original Poster

so it will not void your warrenty or anything ? I have the 32gb 3gs and don't want to void my warrenty

It will void your warranty depending on how deep Apple look at your phone if you ever take it into them. Doing a full restore back to factory settings does not erase everything, they can still tell you've tampered with it if they look for it. Depends how desperate you are to have all the other apps and things.


Free apps via Cydia and Installer.There are no cons.

Wha he said

Plus you can also download Installous

Original Poster

ok thanks for the info guys. Think i will keep it the way it is for now. Maybe when i am nearing my 2yrs i will think about it. Then if it does go pear shaped i can just drop it in the water and claim off the insurance
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