juust looking for adive on what to price this at

    i've just finished building a pc for my brother but he decided a laptop would be better for him (aint that great) so now i've got this to shift and was looking for advice at what to price it at specs are below:

    AMD phenom BLACK EDITION 9950 overclocked safely from 2.6-3.0 (12ghz in total)
    4GB OCZ gold series RAM in dual channel
    an ATI HD4870 512mb graphics card
    sata 22x dvd-rw drive
    500gb 32mb cache sata 7200rpm hdd
    case has one front 120mm fan, one rear 80mm fan one 80mm fan on the window, the case has 4 blue cold cathodes placed nicely for lighting affect and all teh fans are Blue LED fans
    a 1050w power supply
    and the OS is vista utlimate 64-bit

    how much do you think i could get for it?

    many thanks

    Sypop x


    If you built it then surely you must know it's approx value?

    You should also know you can't take offers here or list the item on the FS/T forum for 7 days after expiring this thread

    Sorry just read the title - Just looking for a dive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Price the parts up and add how many hours it took you to build at £5 an hour add postage and there you have it. Can't beat the price of mass produced PCs though so your going to make a loss.
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