JVC Fire TV Edition 55" only displaying 1080i/2160i?

Posted 8th Jan 2020
This TV was pretty popular on here recently, has anyone who got this TV noticed that when you play content through the

Fire TV interface it shows up as interlaced and not progressive? If I

choose some Amazon Prime content to play, eg the new James May in Japan

show, and then double-tap Home button and click "Info" it'll show as being displayed in

2160i and NOT 2160p. (see bottom right of image).
If I view the resolution of things connected to the external ports it seems to display progressive as expected, for example my Xbox One X connected via HDMI displays 2160p as expected (bottom right).3384028-rnt9l.jpg
It seems to be the same for any apps on the Fire TV interface as well, Netflix, Twitch and Youtube apps will only ever display in 1080i/1440i/2160i. However if I play Youtube or Netflix content through the attached Chromecast they display as 1080p.

Any ideas?
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