k750i Contract - help

    I have been looking at this Deal so far…


    02 - 200 (Double)
    £10.33 a Month

    At present I have this exact phone & Tariff, it ends in about 3 months. After that I was planning to simply put in an o2 simcard that gives 300messages free per Month for £10.
    When I saw this offer i thought, this way Im basically paying the same £10 a month but get an additional Phone, which I could sell, even if sold for £50 on its own reduceds my payment to £6, and if you include the cashback , well we are talking £3.50 as the money generated almost pays for the contract in real terms.

    I know getting the new contract, this gives you more minutes than texts, Is there a way of having more Texts that Minutes as I wouldnt use the Minutes.

    I would go for the
    Leisure Time Package as its Free Line Rental, however the Minutes are worthless to me.

    Does anyone know of another Phone which has a Contract Tariff that would suit me, I would most likely just sell the extra Phone anyway.




    I'm presuming you have looked at this thread:…tml

    There aren't really any "just text" tariffs about, the best thing to do is go for a 12 months free deal which has a lot of texts and just ignore the minutes.

    Make sure you can afford the initial outlay before cashback though - they all work on cashback. I advise you to use somebody like e2save, OSPS or CPW, the Link or similar reputation.

    Original Poster

    yep I looked at your mammoth of a thread b4 posting my findings, which you'd already found lol. my contract at present is with e2save,unfortunately when i got it I had no idea of quidco etc
    Whats the best 12months free deal,on the k750i, is that the leisure Tariff. i seem to find they all basically have the same Tariff of about 100txts.

    If I use a payg o2 sim now - £10 per month = 300txts (383txts inc £10credit)so really i dont want to go over the £10amonth id already budgetted.idont mind the fact id have to pay in full+claim the cashback.

    Anyone recommend one of the free 12months phones other than the k750? or which i could probs sell on.

    To be honest the K750i is the best purchase you'll ever make if everything goes to plan.

    To find out more about the phones you can click on the name of the phone and it'll take you to the manufacturer's site!!

    I'd also suggest the nokia 6230i, nokia 5140i, nokia 6111, the motorola v3 might sell on... the motorola l7 might sell on as well.

    You might like the Orange SPV C550 if you'd like a PDA-style phone running Windows Mobile. That might be a selling feature for that one.
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