K770i Fogot phone lock code!!!

    Hey I have forgotten my Phone Lock code for my K770i, Sony Ericsson wants £25 to get it back so Iw was wondering What can I do? I have K770i CID53 so any programs? Also This is not stolen! I just had never turned my phone off but toay my battery went and forgottenthe code.


    lol my m8 changed his passkey for his phone at 5am in the morning and wehn he woke up he didnt know it.

    to my knowledge,, take it to the shop its network is on and they reset it for free... i got mine sim locked for entering it wrong three times, as long as you are the original owner they need your details so they can check it on the system then reset it to 4 zeros for you.

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    Its not the sim its the phone?

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    I think XS++ or SETools Lite has some option to reset the security code (to 0000) but I'm not sure if they support CID53.. i'm not up to speed with SE flashing developments anymore.
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