K800i best 12 month contract?

    i just canceled my mobile contract and need to get a nother one hte best i can find is this.


    400 Mins, 100 texts for £35, with 8 months half price. £280.

    I went into the orange shop and asked to upgrade, they told me £100 to upgrade to the K800, then on the phone when i wanted to disconnect they said it would be £4.99! but on a 18 month contract.

    any better deals out there?

    also seen this which is tempting in brown?



    ]http//ww…uk/ has a clearance SE K800i on O2 400/100 with 7months free rental via £245 cashback resulting in £175 term cost, £138.50 term cost after quidco as well.

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    yeah seen that one too, but wasnt sure what sort of condition it would be in...

    It should be decent consition, I've bought clearence/recondition phones without problem they look brand new, usually missing packaging, or a secondary accessory like a headset.
    but £175 term cost vs. £240+ makes it a no brainer imo.


    i`ve just got k800i with 3

    18mth contract......600 mins 2000 text for first six month at £15 per month. Then £30 per month 300 mins 1000 text for next twelve. plus £5 worth of downloads a month fir use with ringtones etc..

    went through quidco.......£75 back to me!
    if you go through recommend a friend scheme you and the existing customer get £30 credit each. I`ll be that existing customer if you go for it!!!??

    Hm term cost for that = 6x£15 = £90+12x£30 = £360
    £450 total initally... £375 after quidco, £345 if you or another 3 customer recommends them... possibly worth for someone who needs to make 10hours of calls a month and average 66texts a day... otherwise 12month contract term cost ultimately £138 better imo for 400mins/100sms

    There was a link to clearance k800i for around £103 a few days ago. Have a look.

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    just found this one which is better,

    12 month contract, with 9 months half price.
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