k800i Internet Tip

My k800i has been annoying me for sometime, because sometime i hit the internet hotkey instead of another key and it charges me for each time that happens. I have read today you can change this to a picture instead of web adress. So ow when i pull it out of my pocket or texting and web key is hit it only loads a picture and not the internet.

"Start the webbrowser, press right softkey, select navigate/enter address and type in the address of a file located in the phone. It's either file:///usb/ for files located in th ephone memory, or file:///card/ for files located on the memory stick. For example, if you have a picture of your girlfriend, named "girlfriend.gif" stored on the memory stick in the Pictures folder, the address would be file:///card/picture/girlfriend.gif. (Notice the difference between the folder names visible in the phone and the folder name in the address)
When the file is opened, then press right sofkey, select tools/add bookmark and press save. Then open the bookmarks list, locate the newly saved bookmark, press more, select "use as startpage".
This will cause the internet button to display the picture of your girlfriend rather than connecting to the internet.

You can also set the mapping of the button by entering the internet connection settings / internet profiles/ more/advanced/ startpage.

Another idea would be to map the button to the url "mailto:" which would open the email/send new email window."

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