K810i or free Sony Ericsson Games

Anyone know anywhere where you can download free Java games for the SE brand?



[url]www.ipmart-forum.com[/url] :thumbsup:

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thank you birdyboy, how do you transfer them to the phone?

im a total newbie with SE

iv heard the hype so iv turned my back on Nokia and decided to roadtest the K810i...... very impressive phone, keys are different but im now getting used to it.

I think you can install the games using the SE software you get with the phone :?

If not, you should be able to transfer whatever it is you are downloading onto your phone or memory card, find the file on your phone, then you should be able to open it from there and it should install. HTH

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hth ??

thanks mate

Hope This Helps

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aahhhhhh !!


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iv looked on that site birdy and cant find what im looking for !


Just download them copy them on your memory card an install using file manager

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h4x3r, this K810i is pretty good you know



h4x3r, this K810i is pretty good you know

i dont like the buttons :whistling:

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I see what you mean but you do get used to them

I actually like the buttons... No harder to use than normal ones and its nice to have something a bit different. In fact with my thin, girlish fingers it means I know I am pressing only the correct key.

To install stuff, just plug the cable in, press OK on the phone when prompted, and if you run XP then cancel all the install screens that come up and eventually you'll be able to navigate to two new drives, the phone and the memory card. Copy stuff across, dismount and away you go.

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Actually managed to do it last night and it was so easy, i just copy and pasted the games installer files into the memory card.

use mobile9.com there good!

choose your phone and away u go

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doesnt have the K810i mate

so it dont lol sorry!

should be added soon tho


[url]www.ipmart-forum.com[/url] :thumbsup:

do you need to register? what kind of games are available?

where is the best place and what games are availble?

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from page 22 it adds K810i games, think the others work before that page but there wrong screen sizes im afraid.

I downloaded Yatzee which was good enough lol

will these sites work for the K800i? thanks

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yes, as long as the bar along the top with all the makes of models includes 800

there is also a function on your phone to change the screen size settings of the game (this might help)

thanks need some more as getting bored.

wanted to download quadrapop from the 3 store (to use my allowance) but it's not there? wonder why?


How do I upload the zip files onto my k800i?

Please help
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