K810i vs W850i

    Hi I've never owned a phone before but need to get one soon for holiday. I've whittled it down to the Sony Ericcson K810i and the W850i. I like the W850i for it's walkman etc., but the K810i has a better camera, which isn't as important as I'm getting a digital camera.

    What I really want to know is what sort of music can the K810i play? Does the W850i come with headphones?

    Also does anyone here have either of these 2 and what can you tell me about them?





    Must be easier if to use if you have never owned a phone before

    Both have headphones.
    K810i has the best camera.

    it can play mp3s i think

    ] is probably the best site for mobile phone reviews.

    The MP3 player on the k810 is supposed to be very good.

    I would go for the K810.


    Hi I've never owned a phone before....

    woaaaaahhh!! :giggle: Are you sure you're gonna be able to use either if you've never owned a phone before?

    The K810 will come with headphones, but naff headphones compared to the ones the W850 come with. Also the W850 comes with a 512mb Memory Stick, whereas the K810 will most prob not come with external memory bundled and you'll have to buy a stick seperately. I guess another important thing for you to consider is form factor, would you prefer the more simple candybar design of the K810 or the slide design of the W850?

    As a 'music player' the K810 will be sufficient to listen to music, however the W850 is sure to have additional music features that the K810 doesnt ie megabass function and a sophisticated walkman media player.

    I have a K800 and find it ok for listening to music. Personally i dont find it as good as my W800 was, but the camera is kick ass and its really handy when you're out n about and havent got the digi-cam to hand. Especially good for pics pubs/clubs
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