Kaloo Bears Deals wanted for Christening Present (Twin Girls)

    I want to buy two Kaloo bears for a gift for two girls for a christening, i dont want to spend more than £20 per bear, ive seen a few on John Lewis which look nice, anyone know any reliable company selling these? Need them before next saturday, ill show you what i was looking for as an example. I noticed they do nice bears for £24.99 but if anyone no's where to get them for cheaper that would be a bonus!



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    these one you were looking at are under the price you stated? john lewis don't normally take long to deliver either…=26

    some here - really pretty

    ring them see if you can get a deal on 2 - worth a try

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    yes thanks for the pics!

    ill check this site out thank u

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    i like their white collection but they seem to be the same price range if not expensive…=23

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    i think the sale items are nice, but i think the white collection of bears is more fitting for a christening, sort of a keepsake beats buying them a tacky photoframe, or babys first china set lol

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    im thinking of getting is bear

    and this one

    cant ring them now cos im at work but do you think they would give me a deal?

    i would try buy 1 get one half price

    but even if you get a few £ off its something - a little business like this one should

    be very nice and say the site is lovely etc far better than other ones - a bit of flattery gets you a long way!!

    good luck

    some lovely ones on Amazon and if you order two free delivery (over £15)

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    hey guys, thanks for the tips, im going to maybe ring that company bundles of joy this weekend, i was going to instead check out that bear factory shop in town that makes the bears and can personalise them for you? the build a bear store, ive never been in but have been told its fab, but i heard its expensive, dont think i could justify spending more than 20 quid each, going to get lil bears with dresses and a lulabby tune in its belly if that falls through, deffo will ring that company and get back to yous,
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