Kane And Lynch GAME Exclusive

Found 9th Dec 2007
Has anyone got this?
Is it a good game and are the extras any good?
I've got a choice between this and cod4
Only reason I'm swaying towards this is becuase of it being the special edition even if cod4 is the better game
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LOL Kane and Lynch has been one of this years most disspaointing titles that has got low review scores and even Eidos (the company who made it) has lied about the review scores and has been using quotes that were said when the game was being previed.

COD4 on the otherhand has been one of the best games this year, with 10s and out 10s and is a strong contender for game of the year. Its multiplayer is the best i have EVER played along with the action packed single player. GET COD4 , you will not regret it

BTW are you planning to play online?
get COD 4.
I have the standard editon of K&L and COD 4,COD 4 is a much better game
Well I'm definately going to get Cod 4 anyway, was just thinking seeing as its special edition
Avoid Kane & Lynch like the plague.
Kand and Lynch can have 10 extyra dvds full of extras but its a rubbisg game that in no way competes with COD4. spikeykacko will you play COD4 online?
Yeah I Will be
I'll order COD4, then see how much KAL is after xmas as i expect it will be cheaper then
Just ordered COD4 if anyone wants to add me on Live my GT is Jac720
How much did you pay for it?
Wow thats cheap for a brand new game. Hope you enjoy the game
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