Kane & Lynch

    Guys i need your help! Im stuck and cant continue. Im near the end and got 3 brothers to kill. ive found Jenny sitting in the middle of a yard. When i speak to her 2 of the guys come out and talk to me then im dead in about 5 seconds. What do i do here? Any advice would be appreciated.


    I assume you're talking about a game and not real life?:giggle:

    Are there no walkthroughs on the internet?

    on the right there is a bomb you have to shoot when the guys are talking to you.

    You go (punch i think) the guy with the gun. or you hit him with the shovel.I cant quite remember

    EDIT : I thought you was on about when your in the construction yard.

    Original Poster

    Done it guys, i shot the bomb and it worked. Nice 1!!!
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