Karaoke or PS2?

    Hi there, can someone help please. My 8 year old son would like a karoke-type thing for Christmas. He wants to be able to see the words on a tv screen with 2 mics. Am I best to get him a karoke machine or PS2 Singstar? I am all new to this karoke-type thing. Any advice on suitability for an 8-year old? If going the karoke machine route - are the cds quite easily accessible? What's the best type of machine to go for?

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    The last time I bought a karioki machine was for my daughter when she was 9.She used it for 2 weeks. (christmas and new year) then nothing.
    By the way she is now 25, and says herself it was a waste of money.
    Go with the ps2 Singstar, and also buy a game for him, for when he gets bored.:roll:

    i have bought our daughter a goodmans karaoke from empire stores. it comes with 1 mic and a disc. it is cdg enabled so the words come up on screen. i got extra cds (must be cdg for words), from hmv £5 each. the system itself was £70, but there was a £35 discount code a while back, so i brought the price down for me, this particular model in my op is more suitable for a girl, as it id white, pink and lilac. look around, esp on some of the catalouge sites, as with the discout codes that are flying around, the price often comes downa bit! good luck!

    also ,check this thread out, seems like a good price!…531

    dvd player that plays karaoke and vcd discs get them for pennies on e bay

    My sister got a PS2 for the SingStar range of games and Karaoke Revolution games. Plus you've got a PS2 if you want any other games. Ok she's not a gamer but she likes the Dance Dance Revolution games, good fun and exercise that kids normally enjoy. Plus then eyetoy stuff

    the singstars are great and they have brought out a few new ones lately

    I would say singstar.

    There are several versions to choose from and they have the advantage of being tradeable if he gets bored with them.

    ps2 everytime u get singstar and once u get bored with that u can mess about on other games.
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